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Learning Turkish in Turkey

The Feedbacks and reviews of our former students around the world are all written from a personal perspective and gives insight into the experiences with our turkish teaching school in Izmir /Turkey.

Posted on March 08, 2015 - Arild from Norway Silvia from Italy

Our friend Arild who has attended 4 times a turkish course in Izmir send us this Video about his Izmir Impression. We can only say Thank you very much for this kind Video.


Posted on February 13, 2015 - Silvia from Italy

Dear Mehmet & TLC Team, sorry for delaying. I could not find the box where I can register my comment.

My time at Turkish Languge Center as a beginner student was really useful, indeed I improved my knowledge of Turkish thanks to my professional teacher. The school director was always kind and available and gave me all the information and the details I asked for her.

The accommodation was absolutely comfortable and very well equipped. During my study-holiday I could also visit Izmir, which is enchanting and attractive, Selcuk and the impressive ruins of Ephesus. Every day I used to walk along the relaxing "Kordon" next to the sea, where people go jogging, do gym or just look at the waves and the horizon.

I hope I will come back to Izmir soon: Turkish Language Center, kind people and lovely city.

My best regards. Silvia B. from Italy

Posted on February 12, 2015 - Peter from UK

This is my comment about my experience at the Turkish Language Centre.

I did a one week one-to-one Turkish course at the Turkish Language Centre in Izmir and was very happy with the course. My daughter is living in Turkey which is the reason why I am learning Turkish. Although I have been to Turkish evening classes in England they were very much geared to grammar points and translating written pieces from one language to the other.

My course at TLC concentrated on spoken Turkish which was exactly what I wanted. I stayed with a Turkish family about 2 minutes walk from the school. This was also good for my spoken Turkish. Regards Peter.


Posted on Febraury 14, 2014 - Michèle from Paris/France

Paris'den Merhaba! I want to thank You for the good week I spend trying to learn Turkish. Tugçe was a very clever teacher, and also kind, attentive, I liked her very much and I wish youtell her my best thanks. The first Teacher that I had one day was also kind and handsome but I knew her only one day, I think her name was Jasemine? I wish you coudl have such excellent turkish school in Paris! Tese kür ederim, best regards Michèle T.

Posted on October 29, 2013 - Emine from Munich

My experience with the Turkish Language Center was both, challenging and enjoyable.

I am the daughter of a turkish father and a german mother. But because I grew up in Germany and my father spoke only german to me, I never learnt to speak turkish. Before going to the Language school I already attended a few turkish courses but still was not able to hold a very simple conversation. So I went to TLC for four weeks with the attention of learning to speak and to be able to get along in the turkish life and not to struggle with the simplest conversations, e.g. in the supermarket.

TLC is located in Izmir. It is a beautiful city directly at the sea. The neighbourhood where it is located (Atakent) is not very touristy and so most of the local turkish did not speak english at all! That was very helpfull as you have to communicate in turkish. I stayed in the apartment and it was very basic but nice overall. The school is literally a 3 minute walk away which was perfect. On the weekends and after school it was really easy to get around and to explore more of the city.

Turkish is a quite simple structured but still tough language to learn as it is completely different to the romance languages. While I was at TLC there were three turkish teachers wich where really nice and patient and instructed everything in turkish. I would not claim that I learnt all of the turkish grammar or that I am now able to speak turkish fluently, but I do not know anyone who learnt a language in four weeks. The course helped me to start to communicated with the natives and to lose the fear of speaking turkish even if not everything was completely right. The Turkish are really nice and open and love it if you make the effort to try to speak in their language.

So overall I was very pleased with my stay at TLC and would recommend this to anyone who wants to start practicing to speak turkish and to communicate with the natives!

Posted on November 24, 2012 Erich from Frankfurt - Read full Feedback as PDF

My experience at the Turkish Language Center in Izmir, Turkey I retired several years ago and, as I seem to have a knack for languages (a German citizen with native English and conversational French and Russian), I decided to learn some Turkish. In Germany it´s not at all as exotic as in the US or perhaps England. I had had four and a half years of instruction in Turkish, but after that amount of time I was still mostly unable to form the simplest of statements or requests in comprehensible Turkish. The center point of my learning here in Frankfurt had been the written language (why is it called a “tongue” then?), and I asked several of my fellow students if they had had any experience with any language school in Turkey. One said she had been at the Turkish Language Center in İzmir and had learned quite a lot there. So on her recommendation I contacted Mr. Sentuerk and made the necessary arrangements. Everything ran quickly and easily; my requests were very specific and quite tailor-made for me. ........... The best one of the other students told me after class “hats off to you, Erich! Wonderful job!” But a big portion of the credit goes to my instructor Gizem, I must emphasize. Will I ever go back for more? Very probably. Any doubt in the matter, however, will lie exclusively with me and my personal situation. But I would recommend the Turkish Language Center to any student who is willing to work (we all know if we don´t work, the best teacher in the world isn´t going to help). One-on-one instruction ain´t cheap, but every cent of the expense was worth it to me. --Erich Baumeister

Posted on June 5, 2012 Jamie from London /UK

The course I followed at the Turkish Language Centre was both challenging and rewarding. I found the first two weeks extremely challenging as I was submerged in an environment of turkish language and turkish culture. The second two weeks were rewarding and enjoyable as I picked up more vocabulary and grammar and my confidence snowballed. At the end of my third week I went to see my Turkish in-laws, and for the first time was able to hold a proper conversation with them, and understand what they were saying to me. 8 years I have been waiting to be able to do that. Thanks to Ruya and all at TLC! Jamie, London

Posted on June 1, 2012 Arild from Tolvsrod / Norway / arildg54.wordpress.com/

The days at the Turkish Language Centre were good, and it is the most effective Turkish education I have ever attended or could ever imagine. I came to Izmir with a Turkish too poor to use for most conversation, and left 2 weeks later with the ability to use my Turkish like I’ve never imagined I would. If course, I still have a long way to go, and I look forward to coming back to your school again. We also had a good time at the apartment provided. TLC has my warmest recommendation. The Teacher did such a great job with us all, and her patience and ability to meet everyone at the right level was highly appreciated. Semiha’s gentle way of receiving a Norwegian with small Turkish skills and some hearing problems was also highly appreciated. And her gentle touch to the whole adventure. Her ability to converse with me and find suggestions and solutions to almost everything was so good.

Posted on Nov. 27, 2011 Andreas from Munich, Germany

Merhaba Semiha, Merhaba Saniye, Bu ekim İzmir'de çok iyi bir Türkçe kursuna gittim! Şahane eğlendim! Çok şey öğrendim!. Teşekkür ederim! It was a pleasure for me to attend the Turkish course in Izmir this October. I had a lot of fun! Learned a lot! My special thanks goes to Saniye our great Turkish teacher. The school is great located in Izmir with the advantage, that you have a lot of possibilities to practice Turkish. It is located in Karşiyaka/Atakent, being not such a touristic place, which allows you to speak Turkish also outside the school. Izmir is a nice city and especially the sunsets at the harbor are incredible beautiful. During the weekend I recommend to visit Ephesus, or to go swimming on the beach of Kuşadası. Many thanks and best wishes Andreas from Germany

Posted on Nov. 24, 2011 Carmen from Alys Beach, USA

I am an American learning Turkish for work and went to Turkish Language Center as a total beginner, not knowing any Turkish at all. I had a really great experience at TLC and recommend it as a wonderful way to learn the language and to really experience Turkey and it's amazing culture. Izmir is a beautiful city right on the sea and the school is just a few minutes walk from the water and some nice restaurants and cafes. The neighborhood that the school and apartment are located in (Atakent) are perfect--it's not at all touristy and really easy to get around. The people are very friendly and it's a great area with lots of parks and easy access to the trains and ferries. I stayed in the apartment and it was very basic but nice and fairly modern. The school is literally a 3 minute walk away which was awesome. The overall consensus was that the apartment or hostfamily is the best way to interact with others during your stay. Most of the other students there were German, but most spoke English, as well as the teachers. We had two teachers while there and they were both really good and patient. It is a tough language to learn but all the instruction is done in Turkish and you leave there with a good understanding of grammer fundamentals and basic vocab. The really nice thing about Atakent is that there are very few English speakers so you get to put your new skills to use right away. Everyone at the school was great and very friendly and accomodating. There were never more than 6 students in our class, so you got a lot of opportunity to speak and ask questions. I will be returning for another course in a couple of months and am really looking forward to returning. A suggestion to anyone going during the summer months--bring a travel fan, Izmir is hot during the summer. The beach is about 45 mins away, so bring a beach towel and your swimsuit as well. Overall, I had a really great experience and I highly recommend the Turkish Language Center.

Posted on June 27, Julia from London, UK

Merhaba Sibel, Merhaba Semiha, bu yaz, Izmir’de çok iyi bir zaman geçirdim. Teşekkür ederim, herşey için. Now in a language that i can express myself a little bit better. I had a really good time overall in Izmir and I will definitely recommend it to my classmates in London to attend a course at your turkish center in Izmir. I have learned a lot and that speaks for the classes. Thank you „wonderful“ teacher Sibel. It is great that you always tried to figure out what i was trying to say.

Posted on May 2, 2011, Mary M. from Ireland

Merhaba Sevim. I was surprised to read in your email an invitation to lodge complaints as well as suggestions, since my experience was so positive I find it difficult to imagine that there could be any complaints. The athmosphere was welcoming and warm, the turkish tuition was excellent and the information about culture and customs was very good. The offer of ongoing support was extremely generous. If there is one recommendation I might make it is that I would have found it more valuable to be in a house on my own. Since my housemate had a lot more turkish than me she did all the talking and I did not have the opportunities to use my turkish. But the positive is that I have formed a lovely friendship with my housemate. I would like to compliment in a special way to our tutor. Her patience was wonderful, her understanding and most of all her variety of teaching methodologies made for active participation in the course and so for good learning the only difficulty was that she worked us so hard that by wednesday of the second week I was exhausted !!! a good complaint. I wish you continued success with your school and I hope to have an opportunity to return when I have mastered all that I learned in March. Best wishes. Mary

Posted on January 11, 2011, Carmel from Ireland

I very much enjoyed my week-long intensive Turkish course at the Centre in Izmir. The class was small, the teacher was excellent and the informal athmosphere made it really enjoyable. I learned a huge amount while there and in particular my vocabulary and confidence is speaking and understanding Turkish improved greatly. I loved every minute of the course, including the tea and chats every morning with the school managers. The accomodation, while basic, was located in a great place with lots of restaurants, cafes and bars nearby and within easy walking distance of the school. I intend to go back to the Language Centre this year and have also recommended it to several of my friends who are learning Turkish. I look forward to seeing you later in 2011.

Posted on December 19, 2010, Christian from Denmark

Türkçe her gün öğrenmek istiyorum, ama maalesef benim nadiren zamanın var. As regards my participation in the language school, I was very satisfied. Turkish Teacher was an excellent and dedicated teacher. Despite the fact that I knew almost no Turkish when I arrived in Izmir, I was able to learn an enormous amount in the two weeks that I was there. I wish that I would have had more time to study with Turkish Teacher, and I hope that I will have an opportunity to participate in the course again in 2011. As you probably know, I recommended the course to another person who also enrolled in your language program and took it a few months ago. I do want to underline that my comments of course pertain only to the one-on-one intensive course that I took. I personally believe that this was the right choice for me, and if I return to Izmir, then it would again be in order to take such a personalized, one-on-one course.
Sevgiler, Christian (Assistant Professor of Southeast European Studies)

Posted on December 17, 2010, Barbara from England

The Turkish Language Center provided a wonderful introduction for me to both the Turkish language and to Turkish culture. The Center is small and personalized. It is located in a "real" Turkish neighborhood. Students are warmly welcomed as part of the school family. I appreciated the small classes and the support of my friendly, knowledgeable teacher Sibel, who organized her lessons to meet the individual needs of her students. She also provided insights into Turkish culture, introducing us to Turkish customs and cooking, which was fun, interesting and useful knowledge. I knew a small amount of Turkish before starting this course. The course has given me an understanding of the fundamentals of Turkish grammar and idiomatic usage that will help me to communicate more fluently and accurately.

Posted on September 27, 2010, Cathrien from Netherland

I spend 2 weeks in Izmir to learn Turkish. Two weeks is not a long time-period ofcourse, but I was surprised how much I learned in those weeks. In class we learned both grammar and talking turkish. Our teacher was very enthousiastic and willing to explain everything. The lessons were very practical and clear. He explained very well and we did lots of excercises all together. It was so much fun: what we learned at school in the morning we could practice in the afternoon. I shared accomodation with 3 other students and we lived nearby school. We had a good time together. Izmir is a beautiful and friendly city. It was so nice to live there for a while and do make trips in the weekend. You can go to Cesme, Bergama, Dikili and lots of other places. And it is nice to do it all together. Before I came to Izmir I did not speak any turkish besides "hayir", "evet" and counting from 0 to 10, but after 2 weeks I could do my own shopping and buy a busticket while speaking Turkish!! :-) This stimulated me to do another Turkish course backhome and I hope to be back to improve my turkish more in the Turkish Language Center!

Posted on July 19, 2010 - Mary N. from Irland

I very much enjoyed my course at the Turkısh Language Center ın İzmir. I found my way to the school with no difficulty thanks to people I met on my way. One family told the bus driver exactly where to let me off and then having arrived in Atakent,and asking for direction, I was walked to the door of the school. I was given a quick tour of the area and shown where I could get my groceries etc. Then I was brought to my apartment, which I was sharing with another student. The apartment was wonderful. In addition to my bedroom I aslso had sole use of a sittng room. We shared the kitchen and bathroom. It was just around the corner from the school. In the morning, lessons began, and when it was discovered that my standard was higher than the other students, everything possible was done to facilitate me and ensure that I got what I needed from the course. In the mornings, I took lessons alone with another teacher Mehmet Bey for three hours. These lessons included oral discussion, reading and grammar. Verb forms that had been unclear to me previously were explained and made clear. In the afternoons, I rejoined the other three students for classes. Our Turkish Teacher is very patient, explains clearly and keeps the lessons, which were very grammar focused moving at a very fast pace. However, lots of repetition was included. It was great revısıon for me! Lunch times were great fun as we went to eat together and to practise what we had learned...even though this sometimes led to extra portions arriving! After lessons, Semiha was always ready with advice about places to go and what to do in the evenings, on one occasion when we wanted to get a ferry that was leaving shortly, she drove us to the ferry terminal. What I like most about the school,is the fact it is so personal. However, Semiha did everything to ensure my particular needs were met and this did not just apply to the lessons, she checked regularly that I was happy with my accomodation also. All I need now is the time to assimulate what I learnt and put it into practise. I hope in the future that I may return with some of my Irish friends who have been going to the same turkish classes as I in Ireland and we can do a group course together. Hayırlı işler, Saygılarımla, Mary

Posted on June 19, 2010 by Hani from Syria

Language school: it was generally good but it was difficult for me to find the location in my first day, there was no sign on the location to make it easy for a new comer like me to find it. My Turkish Teacher was excellent " Yüzde yüz" for her, she was very understanding and showed high knowledge and experience.

Posted on April 21, 2010 by Sina M.

Günaydin, Thank you, yes I had a good time in Izmir. From the school director Semiha I can say that she was very good and took care of me. If I had questions, I could always ask her or my roommate Sevim. She helped me to organize a trip for me. Language School is really superb. In a short time a learned so many new things and it was always fun. I have now a better feeling for the Turkish language. The accommodation was good of the equipment and location., but I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed that I only shared the flat with a girl.