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Programs to study the Turkish Culture, Modern Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Ottoman Empire, Oriental, Islamic, Near East or Middle East ,Turkic Republics, Regions and Peoples.

On our Partner Website in Cooperation with Academia Linguae you will find all information about the Study Program, Contact Department and the Student Association which deals with Turkish and many more subjects.

Why study Turkish now and in which areas can you make a career?

Students who have studied Turkish are especially qualified in the following areas.

  • Universities or Schools - in teaching and research
  • in the diplomatic service
  • in tourism: tour-operators or travel agencies with incoming and outgoing clients
  • in international companies: employees who deal with Turkey or Turkic speaking countries in Central Asia
  • teaching at institutions of adult education
  • in the field of media: TV, Newspaper, Internet, etc.
  • National and International social and NGOs institutions in Europe, North Amerika, Canada, Australia in integration work
  • Cultural management: from planning and organization of scientific and cultural events
  • in Public Relations and management of science and culture (archives, libraries, museums, media)

Albania|Tirana| University of Tirana|Faculty of Foreign Languages |Turkish Studies

Armenia| Yerevan | Yerevan State University |Faculty Oriental Studies | Turkish Studies

Austria |Vienna | University of Vienna |Department Oriental Studies |Turkish & Ottoman Studies

Belarus |Minsk |Minsk Linguistic University | Faculty Language and Literature |
Department Turkish Language

Belgium | Brussel French& Dutch speaking Université Libre de Bruxelle |Faculty Modern Languages and Literature | Arabic Studies /Turkish Courses

Bosnia Herzegovina | University of Sarajevo | Oriental Philology |Turkish & Arabic Studies |Burch University |Turkish Language and Literature |University of Tuzla |Turkish & Bosnian Studies

Bulgaria | Shumen |K. Preslavsky Shumen University| Faculty of Humanities | Turkish Studies
Sofia |University St. K. Ohridski |Faculty Classical and M. Philology |Turkish & Ottoman Studies

Canada | Toronto | University of Toronto |Near & Middle Eastern |Turkish and Ottoman Studies | Montral | McGill University |Middle East Studies | Turkish Courses for Beginner|

China | Beijiing |Menzu University |Uygur, Kazak and Kirgiz Language & Culture |Turkic LanguageUrumqi | Xinjiang University| College of Foreign Languages | Turcology

Cyprus| Nicosia | University of Cyprus| Faculty of Humanities |Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies

Denmark |Copenhagen |University of Copenhagen |Faculty of Humanities | Turkish-Programme

Germany |Berlin |Free University of Berlin |History and Cultural Studies |Turkic Studies

Poland |Krakow | Jagiellonian University |Oriental Studies |Turkic Studies

Russia | Krasnoyarsk |Siberian Federal University | Institute of Philology | Turkish Language & Literature

USA | Boston |Harvard University | Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations |Turkish & Ottoman Studies |U. of Washington |Near Eastern Languages & Civilization |Turkic & Central Eurasian