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Learn Turkish

at the Language Center in Izmir in Turkey

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Who we are? We are a German-Turkish co-operation of Academia Linguae, based in Frankfurt (Germany ) and the EYE Turkish Language School in Izmir. We welcome students from Europe, Asia and North America to take part in our Turkish courses in one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Our long term partner Academia Linguae prepares students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the official state “Latinum” examen. The intensive courses take place over 4 weeks at the Universities of Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Mainz, Dortmund, Munster, Leipzig, Vienna and Zurich. At our Language Center in Izmir Turkish students attend foreign language courses. Some of them also want to gain experience abroad mainly to practise their skills in the foreign language and to learn more about the culture, the people and the education of the particular country. Normally the classes are held on the weekends.

More about our partner on: www.academia-linguae.de  (german available| Turkish Abroad Agency and Language School Egeyurtdisiegitim.com (turkish available )

Our Partner Organisation Worldwide

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What is the motivation for our students to learn Turkish as a foreign language?

  • The job: Knowing their language enhances the possibility of getting to know Turkish business etiquette and understand them

  • Studies (Turkish studies, art history, history, geography, etc.)
  • Preparing for an Internship with Turkish and foreign companies in Turkey
  • Preparing for an Erasmus semester at a Turkish university in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara or Bursa
  • Private interest in improving the communication with Turkish-speaking partners and relatives.
  • Combining a beach holiday with culture and education
  • Learning the turkish culture, customs, society, etiquette manners in the third biggest city in turkey

Did you know? 300 million people worldwide speak or understand Turkish!